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Invivoscribe Commitment


Invivoscribe is committed to the discovery of new biomarkers that will directly aid in therapies and treatments for patients diagnosed with AML. Our subsidiary, LabPMM is the only clinical laboratory licensed in the US to perform the FLT3 biomarker testing. Invivoscribe and its subsidiaries provide cutting edge testing and provide one stop comprehensive care for patients in over 50 countries. Our CE-Marked products are used to identify, classify and monitor leukemias. Our goal and focus is to provide the resources necessary for physicians to prescribe the right medication, to the right patient, in the right amount, at the right time.

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Treatment and Targeted Therapies for AML

Newer drugs and drug combinations, progress in stem cell transplantation, better supportive care and studies of new drugs in clinical trials are all contributing to improved outcomes and quality of life for people diagnosed with AML.


Personalized Molecular Medicine is playing a large part in AML prognosis and treatment. For example, the FLT3 mutation is the single most important prognostic factor in AML. Approximately 25-35% of AML patients have a FLT3 mutation. Patients with FLT3 mutations have a worse outcome and response to standard chemotherapy. For this reason alternative treatments should play a larger role. Risk factors such as a patient's age and subtype of AML also play a large role in treatment options and prognosis. It is important to research the options available to you and discuss these options with your doctor.






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